Pisys & PhDsoft Team Up on Asset Integrity Management Software

Scottish software company Pisys and Brazilian technology firm PhDsoft have formally established a working agreement that sees the introduction of a new asset integrity management system, with significant environmental benefits, to the North Sea market.

They have reached a reciprocal marketing and support agreement that significantly broadens exposure and sales potential for their products and services, and paves the way for new international growth.

It marks the latest move by Pisys to extend its activity in South America, where it has already established a customer base and is looking to create a permanent presence in the long term.

The partnership will in effect see PhDsoft market Pisys’ training simulator technology in Brazil, while Pisys will focus on promoting the Brazilian company’s unique asset integrity management system C4D® in the UK as well as in Venezuela, Mexico and North America.

C4D® is focused on the maintenance of structures and static equipment such as offshore platforms, rigs, ships, bridges, aircrafts and industrial plants.

Using sophisticated modeling techniques, the key strength of C4D® is its ability to foresee and show changes in 3D models over time, preventing structural failure, optimizing maintenance programs, and thus delivering improved safety and substantial cost savings. C4D complements Pisys’ other integrity management products such as SCOPE and TPDS.

PhdSoft Director Duperron Ribeiro said: "We have developed the first 4D model technology for the structural maintenance of offshore rigs and ships worldwide. It has been 13 years since we delivered the first version of software that reduces the risk of environmental pollution and consequent financial losses.

"Our experience, combined with Pisys’ local support, will bring to the North Sea a state-of-the art technology already recognized by key players in Brazil such as Petrobras, Modec and Shell."

Pisys Director Ben Trewin said: "This is an exciting development for us, and one that could potentially yield significant new business opportunities in Brazil. We’ve identified South America as a key market for us, and being able to call upon PhDsoft’s experience, expertise and local knowledge can only bolster our activity there.

"For smaller companies operating in the global market place, this kind of agreement offers a very effective means of extending our geographical reach, building on our track record of success and delivery in the North Sea."

Aberdeen-based Pisys made its first key breakthrough into the South American market with a $2.5million contract to provide a training simulator last year for the Brazilian state training organization SENAI. Rio-based PhDsoft worked with Pisys on the project and currently provides local support for the system.

Pisys expects to be announcing further significant contract wins in South America, Central America and the United States over the next few months.