Universal Energy Logs Gas Pay at Amberjack

Universal Energy provides an update on drilling operations on well SL 18514 No. 1 in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. As of September 5, 2007, drilling operations were at a depth of 10,340 feet. The total vertical depth of the well is planned to be 10,600 feet.

As previously released, the main objectives of the approximately 840-acre Amberjack prospect are the Lower Big-H, Big H and UL-4 sands. The greatest strength of the Amberjack prospect lies in the geophysical interpretation, which demonstrates a 90-acre UL-5 amplitude anomaly of exceptional quality. Anomalies present on the 3-D seismic imaging are the same type of high amplitude, low frequency, trough-peak geophysical events witnessed over other UL-5 significant reservoirs in the area.

During drilling activities yesterday, the drill rig encountered a pressured gas zone at the same depth as defined by 3-D seismic imaging for the UL-4 sand, approximately 10,250 feet. Drilling from the UL-4 sand down to the Big H sand at 10,500 feet and the Lower Big-H sand at 10,600 feet is being completed this morning.

"We are excited about the results and believe that this demonstrates our 3-D seismic prospects are sound," commented Billy Raley, CEO of Universal Energy Corp. Raley continued, "The Company has known for some time that the quality of our prospects is as good as it gets in this business."

Universal Energy Corp. is an energy company engaged in the acquisition and development of crude oil and natural gas leases in the United States and Canada. We pursue oil and gas prospects in partnership with oil and gas companies with exploration, development and production expertise. Our prospect areas consist of lands in Alberta, Canada and throughout Louisiana.