Imtech to Provide Automation Technology for Allseas Newbuild Vessel


Imtech (technical services provider in Europe) has signed a contract with Allseas to provide the automation and technical infrastructure on board a new to be built offshore construction vessel named the ‘Pieter Schelte’. This vessel will be the largest offshore construction vessel in the world. The Imtech contract has a value of around 35 million euro.

The increasing demand for energy worldwide means that more and more ships are being used in the extraction of oil and/or gas in deep waters. Allseas, which specialises in the deployment of pipe-laying vessels for the international oil and gas market, has decided to provide its customers with even better services and to build a new construction vessel measuring 360 metres in length and 117 metres in width. This vessel, named the ‘Pieter Schelte’, will have the capacity to assemble, disassemble or relocate jackets of up to 25,000 tons (the substructure of oil or gas platforms) as well as topsides of up to 48,000 tons (the part located on top of the jacket where the oil and/or gas is processed). Because the construction vessel also has a high-tech system for laying pipelines on the ocean floor (down to a depth of around 3,500 metres), the ship can also play a role in the transport of oil and/or gas.

Imtech (Imtech Marine & Offshore) will provide a major part of the integrated power and automation package and technical infrastructure, including drives and transformers for the eco-friendly electrical propulsion, power management, power generation and distribution as well as the vessel management system, including all the integrated automation solutions. Imtech will also be responsible for commissioning and operation and will perform the project management for other equipment for propulsion and energy generation to be supplied by third parties. In addition, Imtech will realise a dynamic positioning system that makes it possible to accurately manoeuvre the enormous offshore construction vessel at sea under all weather conditions.

The design, engineering, implementation and commissioning will start this year and will take several years to complete. The ship is expected to be put in service by 2011.

This contract strengthens Imtech’s position in the international offshore market. Imtech recently completed the technological infrastructure on the ‘Audacia’ and ‘Sapura 3000’ high tech pipe-laying vessels. Imtech is currently working on the technology on board a semi submersible transport and offshore construction vessel of Fairmount and the ‘Aoka Miza’ floating oil production ship.