Dejour Logs Gas Pay at Piceance Basin Well

Dejour Enterprises says that the H & P Rig #159 has been released from the N. Barcus Creek #1-12 well where logging operations and the setting of production casing were successfully completed. Dejour engaged Gustavson Associates, Boulder Co. (Geologists -- Engineers -- Appraisers) to conduct a preliminary petrophysical analysis of the #1-12 well logs and in its report Gustavson disclose that it is their interpretation that there exist reservoir properties consisting of an estimated 263 feet of potential net pay with average porosity of 10%. Throughout drill operations the mud log showed strong evidence of reservoir gas.

The H&P Rig #159 is in the process of relocating and rigging up to drill the nearby N. Barcus Creek #2-12 well (within approximately 1800 feet of the #1-12 well) to be deepened to a projected TD of 11,425'. Drill operations should be concluded around the end of September 2007.

This 'Rio Blanco Deep' project is one of over 60 separate exploration projects held by Dejour (average interest over 25%) in its search for and exposure to significant energy discovery in the hydrocarbon bearing basins of Piceance/Uinta in Colorado/Utah and the Peace River Arch of NE British Columbia/NW Alberta Canada, inclusive of the uranium bearing Athabasca/Thelon Basins of Northern Canada through its holdings of Titan Uranium and associated carried/royalty interests.