Petrobras Sets New Bid Deadline for Platforms P-51 & P-52

In September, 2002, Petrobras started the construction process of the Production Stationary Units Petrobras 51 (UEP P-51) and Petrobras 52 (UEP P-52), for development in the Module 2 in the Marlim Sul field, and Module 1A, Phase 2, in the Roncador field, in Campos Basin, on the coast of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

Three contracts will be signed for each UEP: one for the construction and integration of the hull and the process/utility plant; a second one for the construction of the gas compression module, and a third one for the construction of the power generation module. The initial deadline for the submission of proposals was about three months.

Due to the dimensions of these units and, consequently, the large number of engineering documents that compose this contracting processes, the bidders have made a significant number of requests for technical clarifications, typical of bids with this complexity. Also, it is important to point out that this involves the simultaneous contracting of two large size production units.

Considering as justifiable the formal requests made by seven out of the eleven competing companies, the Bidding Commission recommended the postponing of the submission date for commercial-technical proposals related to the three ongoing contracting processes, which was accepted by Petrobras, as described below:

  • Construction and integration of the hull and process/utility plant: from December 16, 2002 to January 27, 2003.
  • Gas compression module: from December 03, 2002 to January 13, 2003
  • Power generation module: from December 11, 2002 to January 20, 2003