3M Releases New CUNO High Flow Filtration System at Offshore Europe

3M reported the launch of a new CUNO High Flow filtration system which offers absolute – rated performance between 70µ absolute to 1µ absolute, making it ideal for large volume, high quality filtration Oil industry applications such as Waterflooding.

Available in 40” and 60” lengths, the unique construction of the High Flow filters enables flow rates of up to almost 12bpm in a single 6.5” diameter cartridge. An application with a flow requirement of 48bpm could be accommodated in a single 24’’ diameter CUNO High Flow vessel holding 7 of the 40’’ length cartridges in either a vertical or horizontal orientation.

This compares with 120 x 40” cartridges in a 36” diameter housing required in competitive 2.5” diameter cartridge system to achieve the same flow rate.

Using fewer elements combined with an ‘outside-to-in’ flow path enables the High Flow system’s housing to be reduced to as little as one half the size of competitive systems for a given flow rate. And, in addition to producing a compact housing, using fewer cartridges also creates benefits in reduced downtime for change-outs and reduced disposal costs.

Downtime is also minimised through ease of cartridge installation and removal, due to an ergonomically designed handle and unique ‘twist-and-lock’ cartridge retention mechanism that provides a positive seal, without the use of special tools or other hardware.

Innovation at the heart of the system

3M innovation is at the heart of the CUNO High Flow filter. A patent pending compound radial pleat design maximizes the usable surface area per filter. Blown micro-fiber forms the basis of the filter media, which is made to tightly controlled fiber diameter specifications to produce a media with absolute-rated particle retention characteristics. The unique manufacturing process embosses the media to produce a more uniform pleat pattern, which in turn, allows a greater utilization of the media by evenly distributing the fluid throughout the entire filter structure. This results in consistent particle retention in a compact, space-saving design.

Part of a CUNO range from 3M

The new CUNO High Flow filtration system joins a range of filtration products and services offered by 3M’s Oil and Gas business.

The 740B High Capacity cartridge is 7” in diameter and 40” long, providing up to 16m2 of filtration area in a single cartridge, and has an established pedigree in water injection and completion fluids treatment.

The recently launched PolyKLEAN polypropylene filter has a rigid, core-less, filter structure that tolerates fluctuations in operating conditions - including contaminant loading and differential pressure. Oil and Gas applications include filtration of Amine, Glycol, Process cooling water, and Completion fluids.

The CUNO Scientific Application Support Service (SASS) is staffed with scientists who help to optimize customers' process purification and separation requirements. SASS staff offer technical oversight for CUNO’s large installed customer base and can assist in grade selection and on-site evaluations. Filter system optimization can also be conducted at Cuno's laboratory facilities.