SeaMetric & Blue Marine Offer Offshore Services in Latin America

On 31st August, Stavanger-based marine heavy lift contractor SeaMetric International AS signed a Memorandum of Intent (MoI) with Mexican-based marine and offshore service company, Blue Marine Technology Group (, in Mexico City.

SeaMetric and Blue Marine intend to establish a new, jointly owned marine operations contracting company, based in Mexico, which will operate a 20.000 ton Twin Marine Lifter (TML) System, transportation vessels and associated equipment, for installation and removal of large offshore structures as well as offering other offshore construction services in Latin America.

In addition to the two DP class 3 heavy transport vessels, forming the basis of the TML System, SeaMetric and Blue Marine are also planning to build at least one 180 meter long submersible heavy transport vessel (HTV) as part of the spread. These vessels will be similar to the vessels now being built in China for TML-system # 1, but will be bow-shaped and probably have a larger accommodation facility.

These vessels may be built as an option under the Contract signed earlier this year with ESSCA (Hong Kong) Ltd. in consortium with CPFCC (China Petroleum First Construction Company). Under this option, SeaMetric can build four further vessels and two sets of loading arms at a pre-agreed price.

Blue Marine will also take an active role in the financing of this TML System, which is planned to take place in a few months. Blue Marine is one of the fastest growing offshore companies in the Latin American region and is also working with several other Norwegian companies.

“This is a major breakthrough for utilization of the Twin Marine Lifter technology,” says Managing Director Johan F Andresen.