Hallin Marine Completes New Saturation Diving System for Helix

Hallin Marine has completed the build of its latest Saturation Diving System (SAT-08).

The fully classed 12-man system was built in-house by the company in Singapore and has been completed on time and within budget.

SAT-08 will immediately be put to work following completion of its test program at the end of this month.

Hallin has been awarded a US$2.5 million contract from offshore construction contractor Helix Energy Solutions Group and will deploy the new system on board the Helix operated vessel the Olympic Canyon in support of field installation work offshore India.

Hallin Marine will provide the Saturation Diving System and specialist diving personnel to support the subsea construction activities in water depths to 150m. Work is due to commence next month and continue for a contract period of seven months, with potential options to extend thereafter.

The diving system and diving operations will be managed by Cal Dive International Inc. (CDI) on behalf of the Houston based Helix Energy Solutions Group. Helix is the majority shareholder of CDI.

John Attenburrow, MD of Hallin Marine East division, said:

'Another of our classed saturation diving systems has been built on time and budget and it will go to work in support of Helix Energy, who is one of the world's leading contractors in the offshore industry. We are pleased to be working with Helix and we look forward to future success in support of Helix's and Cal Dive's offshore operations.'