Energy Cranes Hooks ONGC Contract

Energy Cranes International has won a US multi-million dollar contract with Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) of India for the refurbishment of twenty-two American Aero cranes located in ONGC's Mumbai High Asset.

The turnkey project will provide employment for scores of personnel at Energy Cranes' Houston and Abu Dhabi engineering centers, the Houston parts facility, and in a new Energy Cranes project management and implementation team on and offshore in India itself. The contract will take some 30 months to complete.

"ONGC have had a long and successful relationship with Energy Cranes as original equipment manufacturer of some 70 cranes in their current fleet," says Energy Cranes' chief operating officer for the Middle and Far East, Graham Thomson. "As part of their Hydrocarbon Vision 2025, ONGC have been benchmarking standards in technology and safety against international best-in-class performers, and have been working with regulatory bodies to address crane integrity, safety and availability issues: against this background, Energy Cranes have had to excel to win this 22 crane project."

Offshore cranes require periodic major overhaul or refurbishment to return them to original condition and to incorporate updated safety and control features. Energy Cranes have, since the 1980s, refined processes for the completion of these overhauls offshore without removing the crane from the platform.

"By working to tightly planned schedules on board the platform, we eliminate the cost and down time of the heavy lifting operations which would otherwise be required to return the crane onshore for refurbishment," says Graham Thomson. "This minimizes both overall project cost and the time the crane is off-line."

Energy Cranes are the sole providers of OEM parts and service for offshore and marine cranes built by American Aero, Bucyrus Erie, Energy Cranes, Houston Systems, Titan Industries and Weatherford Cranes.