Roc Oil Continuing Exploration on Cabinda South Block

ROC Oil's subsidiary, Roc Oil (Cabinda) Company, is continuing with its exploration program on its Cabinda South Block in Angola.

The Simmons 80 rig commenced drilling the Soja-1 exploration well on August 25, 2007. The well's primary target, a post-salt structure, is expected to be penetrated by the end of September 2007. Subject to drilling progress and the onset of the rainy season, the well is likely to be suspended for re-entry in 1H 2008 in order to drill into a deeper pre-salt target.

When the Simmons 80 rig demobilizes from the Soja-1 location, it will move to a higher and drier ground where it will drill the Milho-1 and Trigo-1 exploration wells, both of which have primary targets within the pre-salt and each of which is expected to take approximately two months to drill.

The ROC Explorer rig is being relocated from the Massambala discovery to drill the Cevada-1 exploration well. It is expected that the well will start drilling during the second half of September and take about one month to reach its post-salt target.

Participating Interests in the Cabinda South Block are ROC Group Companies as operator with 60%; Force Petroleum with 20%; and Sonangol P&P with the remaining 20%.