Empyrean Energy Sees Gas Shows at Sugarloaf Well

Empyrean reports that the TCEI JV Block A #1 well has reached a total depth of 4,400 meters (measured depth). Current operations are preparing to run casing.

The horizontal well has continued to encounter encouraging gas shows in addition to fluorescence in the cuttings through to total depth. Gas shows were observed over approximately 2,500 gross feet. Multiple gas flares measuring up to 65 feet were observed over approximately 1,000 feet including an interval of about 600 feet that had a constant gas flare.

Commenting today, Empyrean director Tom Kelly said: "The gas flares encountered whilst drilling are particularly encouraging as the drilling mud weight was raised to over 14 pounds per gallon and gas flares and shows were still observed despite the heavier mud – we look forward to the results of testing".