Avery Resources Signs Cooper Basin Agreement with Santos

Avery Resources has entered into a Letter of Intent, to be followed by a formal agreement, with Santos Ltd whereby Avery and Santos will jointly explore and develop, subject to certain terms and conditions, two of Avery's large land blocks in the Cooper Basin of Queensland, Australia. The blocks are currently held by Avery and its partners Bow Energy Limited and Victoria Petroleum Limited (Partners). The lands are located on the oily rim of the Basin and consist of the Barta Block and the Wompi Block containing 631,000 acres and 222,000 acres respectively. The Barta and Wompi Blocks are adjacent to lands held by Santos, which are the subject of the Santos Cooper Oil Project (COP). COP is the largest and most comprehensive Australian Exploration and Development Program ever undertaken consisting of a capital expenditure program in excess of $1.3 Billion and incorporating large 3D seismic surveys and large scale drilling programs (1,000 wells). The program to date has an overall success ratio including new pool discoveries, development wells and satellite pool discoveries of approximately 80%.

The highlights of the Avery/Santos initiative are as follows:

	    Total Program ((x)Australian $):

	    Capital:                             $18.5 Million

	    Cost Sharing:                        Avery 23.95% - $4.4 Million
	                                         Santos 76.05% - $14.1 Million

	    Operator:                            Santos Ltd.


	    Wompi Block:

	    4 wells                              $6.8 Million
	    200 Km(2) 3D Seismic                  3.4
	                                         $10.2 Million

	    Post Program Interests:              Avery             30%
	                                         Santos            40%
	                                         Partners          30%

	    Barta Block:

	    3 Wells                              $6.6 Million
	    100 Km(2) 3D Seismic                  1.7
	                                         $8.3 Million

	    Post Program Interests:              Avery             25%
	                                         Santos            45%
	                                         Partners          30%

	    (x) $1.00 Canadian (equal sign) $1.16 Australian

Santos Ltd is a major Australian oil and gas exploration and production company based in Adelaide with interests and operations in every major Australian petroleum province. Avery's association with Santos will assist in reducing the risk of Avery's Cooper Basin exploration program through the application of the above mentioned large 3D programs along with Santos' expertise in all disciplines and its proven track record of finding and developing commercial discoveries in the Cooper Basin. Preparation of the program will commence immediately with the first wells being drilled during the first quarter of 2008 followed by a rolling out of the balance of the program over a period of eighteen months from the signing of the Letter of Intent.

The management of Avery believes this program will provide a significant opportunity to add value for our shareholders over the near to medium term.