Universal Spuds Louisiana Well

Universal Energy reports that Well SL 18514 No. 1, Amberjack prospect, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, commenced drilling August 23, 2007. The well will be drilled directionally to target multiple Middle Miocene sands at 10,500 feet as identified by 3-D seismic. Drilling is anticipated to take approximately 21 days. The Amberjack prospect is surrounded by quality, mature fields which define the prolific nature of this prospect.

"It is exciting to tell stockholders such wonderful news," commented Billy Raley, CEO of Universal Energy Corp. Raley continued, "Success for Universal is in the drill bit. And we are proud to have that drill bit in the ground at Amberjack."

About Universal Energy Corp. - Universal Energy Corp. is an energy company engaged in the acquisition and development of crude oil and natural gas leases in the United States and Canada. We pursue oil and gas prospects in partnership with oil and gas companies with exploration, development and production expertise.