Pan Orient Energy Successfully Appraises NS3-D1 Well in Thailand

The NS3-D1 has been tested at a maximum rate of 337 bbl/d of light, 35 degree API, crude with a decreasing water cut (less than 1%) and gas oil ratio below 200 scf/bbl. The well continues to clean up with production rates equipment constrained. A larger beam pump is currently being installed and further production test results will be reported shortly, once a stabilized rate is achieved.

These NS-3D1 initial test results indicate a successful appraisal of the southern lobe of the Na Sanun East ("NSE") oil field, confirming the POE-9 discovery well announced in January 2007. NS3-D1 penetrated the top 20 meters of the first target volcanic reservoir interval at a true vertical depth of 879 meters, proving an approximately 78 meter thick oil column in the NSE structure. The NSE field oil water contact has not yet been encountered and future appraisal wells may further extend the proven oil column down dip. Two wells, L44-H and L44G-D1 are currently appraising separate fault compartments of the NSE structure, north and up dip of NS3-D1.

L44-H Appraisal Well

The Aztec #7 rig is currently drilling ahead at a depth of 410 meters on NSE appraisal well L44-H, located approximately 3.25 kilometers north of NS3-D1.

L44G-D1 Appraisal Well

The Aztec rig #14 rig is currently drilling ahead at 100 meters towards a subsurface target 600 meters northwest and approximately 120 meters up dip of the L44-G appraisal well that was drilled to total depth, logged and suspended awaiting testing, approximately 10 days ago.

Pan Orient is a Calgary, Alberta based oil and gas exploration and production company with operations currently located onshore Thailand and in Western Canada.