Austral Pacific Begins Testing at Cardiff Field

Austral Pacific Energy report that work on Cardiff 2AST1 is now underway. Long-lead equipment has been contracted and the company is finalizing a contract with Parker Drilling International to secure Rig 252 for working over the well prior to testing the K3E reservoir.

The plan is that a coiled tubing unit will be used to plug off the perforations in the McKee sandstone. Rig 252 will then be used to pull the existing tubing, plug the perforations in the K1A reservoir, and run a new tubing string and packer to isolate 25m of perforated gas bearing K3E Sandstone for testing. The workover is planned to be completed, with the well ready for testing, by late October, with the full test scheduled to take place in November.

Commenting on these important developments, CEO and President, Thompson Jewell said, "We have been working hard on planning this workover and the subsequent test to maximize the data we can obtain; we feel strongly at this time that the K3E reservoir holds the greatest potential in this wellbore and results from the test will contribute significantly to our understanding of the potential of the greater Cardiff structure."

Previous results of flow testing of the McKee and K1A sands in Cardiff- 2AST1, undertaken during 2006, demonstrated sufficient commerciality to secure a mining permit. Deep gas projects similar to Cardiff have become more common in maturing basins in Canada, the USA and Australia where to a large extent the technical challenges have been addressed and overcome.