Romona GeoSolutions Completes SEIC Lunskoye Survey

Thales GeoSolutions and its joint venture partner in Russia, J/S Romona, have recently successfully completed a shallow water bathymetric survey for Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd (SEIC) - a consortium comprising Shell, Mitsubishi Corporation and the Mitsui Corporation. The survey carried out by the joint venture company Romona GeoSolutions provided near shore bathymetric information over an area of 75 hectares for pipeline, beach landings and environmental monitoring.

Located along a two-kilometre section of the North Eastern coastline of Sakhalin Island, adjacent to the Lunskoye oil field, the survey will help to prepare the way for the beach landing facility which will be built to facilitate construction of the projects main OPF (onshore processing facility). The OPF will treat wet gas / condensate product from the LUN (Lunskoye) A platform.

This normally routine, shallow water bathymetric survey was made particularly hazardous due to the inhospitable environment and prevailing conditions in the area. The appalling conditions demanded that operations, when sea and wind conditions allowed, were only conducted during daylight hours. The remoteness of the site required working from a completely self-contained field camp that was only accessible by four-wheel drive vehicles or helicopters.

SEIC representatives were also present on site to audit the Romona GeoSolutions operation. Following the visit they expressed their appreciation of the effectiveness with which the company executed the project under such difficult conditions. Tony Allan, Romona GeoSolutions' deputy general manager was told: "I was pleased that the site team hung on through the typhoon and then made the most of the short window before the weather closed in again."

"The survey site's remoteness coupled with the semi icy winter conditions provided a different set of challenges for our team, making the successful completion of the survey for SEIC even more satisfying," added Tony Allan. "It all comes down to good planning and execution, using the right people both in the field and in the office. Romona GeoSolutions has all those qualities," concluded Vladimir Vasilevskiy, Romona GeoSolutions' site logistic / support manager.

Romona GeoSolutions brings the combined resources and expertise of J/S Romona and Thales GeoSolutions. The company provides precise positioning systems, integrated geosciences, topographic surveys, tracking and telemetry, ROV services, oceanographic and environmental surveys. Romona GeoSolutions has offices in Sakhalin and Moscow.