C & C Completes Nigerian Work and Heads for Brazil

C & C Technologies' AUV, aboard the R/V Rig Supporter, successfully completed 1,300 kilometers of survey lines in AKPO Field OPL 246 for TotalFinaElf offshore Nigeria. This pipeline survey was completed in 12 days providing high-resolution swath multi-beam bathymetry and imagery, chirp side-scan sonar, and sub-bottom profiler data to water depths greater than 1,400 meters.

C & C's AUV has been extremely productive over the past two years. It has provided more than 18,000 kilometers of deep-water geophysical surveys for a variety of worldwide clients.

The AUV is currently en route to Brazil where it will perform a number of surveys for Petrobras. The AUV will perform two site-specific hazard surveys and a pipeline as-built survey for Petrobras. The surveys are expected to begin on December 4th and be completed by December 12, 2002.