Habanero Proposes Drill Program on Oil Sands Prospect

Habanero Resources has been notified by the majority partner, Patch International Inc., on Habanero's Muskwa Oil Sands Prospect that this prospect is part of Patch's proposed 2007/2008 drill program. This prospect lies approximately 10 kilometers directly to the south of Sure Royal Dutch Shell's prospect. Habanero has a 20.83% interest in this prospect.

Jason Gigliotti, President of Habanero Resources stated, "It is a pleasant surprise to have this proposed drill program added to our ongoing operations. Management did not expect to have a drill program on this prospect this year, so to have this prospect drilled is a great opportunity to potentially quantify the oil value in ground or possibly produced from this prospect. Management is confident that additional oil sands acreage will be added to Habanero's existing acreage in the future either through crown land sales or through joint ventures. Habanero has now added significant net Alberta Oil Sands acreage in 2007 going from less than 1 net section (633 acres approx) to 35.45 net sections (22,425 acres approx) and management feels that the Oil Sands of Alberta will be the key to the future growth of Habanero. The goal of the Company is to ultimately go into production from one or more of the Oil Sands Prospects Habanero has interest in."

Habanero is an emerging junior oil and gas company focused on developing and acquiring Alberta Oil Sands Prospects. Habanero has an interest in 46.5 (29,415 acres) gross and 35.45 (22,425 acres) net Alberta Oil Sands sections, as well as having exposure to approximately 55,000 acres of oil sands interests in the Peace River region of Alberta though its equity ownership in Andora Energy Corporation ("Andora"). Habanero owns 700,000 common shares of Andora, which are currently deemed at $2.86 based on a proposed combination previously announced.