Sound Oil Confirms Find at Pasundan-1

Further to the article in today's Malaysian Star Newspaper concerning the Pasundan-1 well, Sound Oil plc is able to confirm that traces of oil and gas have been detected within the Baturaja Formation reservoir objective. Samples of hydrocarbon gases have been obtained from several individual levels over the depth range 6762 ft to 8080 ft. Some of these samples are associated with the zone of significant losses which caused earlier operational problems with the well (Sound Oil press release 4 July 2007). In addition, formation sidewall core samples over the range 7114 ft to 7124 ft showed very faint indications of oil. Because of very bad hole conditions these hydrocarbon shows cannot be unequivocally confirmed from wireline log interpretations.

It is too early to assess the commercial significance of these oil and gas shows and additional formation evaluation will be necessary to determine if subsequent testing of the well is required.

Currently the well is drilling ahead below the 7-inch liner towards the deeper Talang Akar and Jatibarang objectives.

Sound Oil plc is a 20% shareholder (through its wholly owned subsidiary Mitra Energia Citarum Limited) in the BPREC operating company that is drilling the Pasundan-1 exploration well, located approximately 50 km southeast of Jakarta, Java, Indonesia.