GE to Provide Pipeline Services to Dolphin's New Gas Facilities in Qatar

GE Oil & Gas' PII Pipeline Solutions group has been awarded a long-term, multi-million dollar contract to provide Dolphin Energy Ltd. of the UAE with integrity management services to ensure the uninterrupted operation of Dolphin's critical sea and export pipelines in Qatar.

GE will provide an integrated package of best-in-class integrity engineering, inspection and data management technology to support the Dolphin Gas Project which involves the production and processing of natural gas from Qatar's North Field, and transportation of the dry gas by sub-sea pipeline to the UAE, beginning in July 2007

GE's scope will encompass a comprehensive integrity management program for two, 36-inch sealines which connect Dolphin's two offshore platforms to its giant gas processing plant in Qatar, each about 70 kilometers (km) long, and the 48-inch subsea export line that spans about 364 km in length from Qatar to the UAE.

Over the contract period of up to five years, GE's PII group will be responsible for ensuring the effective integrity management of Dolphin's pipelines. A key element of the initial phase of the project will be the development of Dolphin's Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS), a demonstration of Dolphin's commitment to adopting an industry best-practice. The role of PIMS will be to provide the guidelines, standards and procedures that Dolphin will use to ensure the safe and continued operation of its system.

The project will start in July 2007 and in the first year alone will include the development of Dolphin's PIMS, a pipeline network risk assessment, baseline inspection and condition assessments of the pipelines, and the implementation of a comprehensive, Web-based data management system. The project team will be based at GE Oil and Gas' Middle East head office in Doha, and will be supported on an ongoing basis by PII's integrity management center of excellence in Cramlington, England.

"We are very honored to have been selected to help support this important project to expand Dolphin's operations in Qatar," said Manuel Terranova, General Manager of Integrity Services for PII Pipeline Solutions. "This project positions GE's PII group as the clear integrity management leader in Qatar and the Middle East, and further demonstrates the industry's commitment to implementing first-class integrity management programs to protect their assets and comply with government regulations."

Claudi Santiago, CEO and president of GE Oil & Gas, noted that GE's ability to leverage its recent experiences on other pipeline integrity service projects in Qatar will provide both PII and Dolphin with an additional edge.

"This is an exciting project for GE Oil & Gas and is a great example of how our dedication to lead the industry with a combination of consulting expertise and technology is the right recipe for customer success," Santiago said. "By applying experience gained from similar projects that PII has in the region, we are in a unique position to ensure the best support possible for the challenging operating environment that sour service, wet gas pipelines presents. It's our job to make sure that Dolphin minimizes the risk of lost income through an unplanned shutdown or pipeline failure.

"By providing the systems, engineering and technologies to identify, understand and mitigate any potential threats, we will help Dolphin have continuous availability of its pipelines at minimum cost," Santiago added.