Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids Introduces the TERRA-MAX System

Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids has introduced the TERRA-MAX System, its revolutionary new customizable, high-performance water-based mud designed specifically to deliver improved drilling and environmental performance in a low salinity environment. Combining state-of-the-art drilling fluid technologies, the TERRA-MAX system delivers total inhibition of formations encountered onshore and on inland water drilling applications.

The TERRA-MAX system is designed to address specific drilling objectives with improved performance compared to conventional water base mud systems. As a water-based fluid, the TERRA-MAX system presents no associated environmental liability issues, no waste management problems, and minimal lost circulation impact.

In field performance, the TERRA-MAX system has provided superior drilling performance compared to earlier water-based mud systems and has delivered significant economic value to drilling operations in one or all of the following areas:

  • excellent wellbore stability
  • superior clay inhibition
  • enhanced rates of penetration
  • reduced torque and drag
  • reduced environmental impact, dilution rates, and disposal costs
  • significant rig time savings
  • significant reduction in overall project cost

All components of the TERRA-MAX system have undergone rigorous toxicological and biodegradation tests to ensure compliance with environmental onshore regulations including land farming.