Oil Recovery Sees 300% Increased Extraction from the First Phase Treatment

Oil Recovery Ventures has received results from the first phase treatment of oil wells in Central Texas. The first phase treatment with PetroLuxus(TM) MMMF increased oil extraction production by over 300%. Oil Recovery Ventures, LLC has scheduled second phase treatment to commence in order to continue Enhanced Oil Recovery treatment.

Oil Recovery Ventures, LLC, treated an isolated oil well and six producing wells in Central Texas. The six producing wells are tapped into the same oil reservoir and communicate with each other at a depth of approximately 2,200 feet.

The first phase treatment protocol called for the injection of a minimal dosage of PetroLuxus(TM) MMMF, less than .005% solution. Since injection of PetroLuxus(TM) MMMF, company personnel and the field operator have studied and monitored production at each well to determine the communication between wells, fluid production and oil production. PetroLuxus(TM) MMMF has increased all criteria specified with dramatic increases in communication, fluid production and over 300% increase in oil production.

Second phase treatment will commence shortly with an increased dosage of PetroLuxus(TM) MMMF.

For every barrel of crude oil produced in the United States, two barrels of oil are left in the ground due to the cohesion and adhesion of oil to formation structures. Technologies to increase extraction of oil held in place are known as the Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) industry. The EOR industry aims to increase extraction in marginal wells where oil production has slowed to 15 barrels a day or less. According to The Office of Fossil Energy, "There are nearly 500,000 of these wells in the US, and together they produce about the same amount of oil as America imports from Saudi Arabia."

PetroLuxus(TM) MMMF was specifically blended for the EOR industry. A PetroLuxus(TM) MMMF treatment in a down hole application eliminates the interfacial surface tension between oil and all matter it contacts including sand, clay, rock, shale, etc. The elimination of surface tension permits the oil to separate for economically viable extraction.

PetroLuxus(TM) MMMF will be available to the EOR market through Oil Recovery Ventures, LLC, on a revenue share platform based on increased production of marginal wells.

Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. is an innovative PetroChemical/Oil Services company that has developed a proprietary, environmentally-friendly chemical that dislodges hydrocarbons in practically all-natural and man-made environments. The company's flagship product, PetroLuxus(TM), and its derivative product lines have a strong affinity and rapid dispersement qualities to break hydrocarbon chains on a molecular level for cost-effective remediation and recovery of petroleum products. The company's prospective markets for remediation and recovery include: oil tank farm cleaning, marine ship cleaning, oil sludge pits, contaminated soil/oil spills, biodiesel, waste oil segregation, heavy oil, tar sands, and Enhanced Oil Recovery, to name a few. Planet Resource Recovery's pilot manufacturing plant is fully operational with PetroLuxus(TM) ready for commercialization.