IHC Caland Acquires Ocean Design Associates

IHC Caland will purchase the Houston-based company Ocean Design Associates. Ocean Design Associates will merge with the recently established GustoMSC-USA Inc. office in Houston, and both companies will continue to operate under the name GustoMSC-OceanDesign Inc. Our three companies, IHC Gusto Engineering, Marine Structure Consultants and GustoMSC-OceanDesign, will actively and closely cooperate in the future, under the joint venture named GustoMSC.

Our portfolio of designs and products includes the full range of platforms and equipment for drilling, installation and production, covering, but not limited to:

  • drilling and production jack-ups, drilling land-rigs
  • drilling, installation and production semi-submersibles
  • drilling and pipelay-crane barges and mono-hull vessels, FPSO designs
  • turnkey delivery of specialized equipment, like special J-lay systems, large offshore cranes, special winches and reels, jacking systems, process modules, etc.