CityView Expecting 31 Onshore Oil Permits in the Kwanza Basin, Angola

CityView has commissioned UK oil expert, Mr. David Boote to review the data relating to the onshore Kwanza Basin in the northwest of Angola. Mr. Boote will concentrate on the progression of CityView's broadening interests in the Kwanza Basin reporting to Mr. Conrad Maher, whilst Mr. Maher focuses on the development of the North Matanda Oil Project.

CityView has been advised by its Angolan partner Nexoil of 31 onshore oil permits to be issued in the Kwanza Basin area.

The Kwanza Basin shares the same oil rich structural history and sedimentation pattern, including salt tectonism and turbidite fan development, as other successful West African basin oil prospects, particularly the productive lower Congo basin to the north.

The recommendations from Mr. Boote's analysis of the Kwanza Basin permits are expected in September and will be instrumental in determining those that will most suit CityView and its Angolan partner Nexoil.