Great Northern Spuds High Impact John Bowen #2 in Eastern Tennessee

Great Northern Oilsands has been informed from the operator, Montello Resources of the spudding of the John Bowen #2 Well (Morgan Highpoint #1).

Great Northern has fully earned its 5% net WI in the High Impact Drilling Program at Highpoint, Morgan County, North-Eastern Tennessee.

Our operator Montello informed us that mobilization of over 50 truckloads of equipment including a Triple Rig from Nabors Drilling USA, one of the largest independent contract drillers in the world, came from as far as 700 miles away. The Drill Rig was assembled and pressure tested this past week while well-site improvements and construction commenced in early June were completed just prior to commencement - completion of the Conductor and Rat-Hole early last weekend. Final banking and credit facilities were completed in mid-July. Nabors Drilling USA worked expeditiously to ensure timely "spud".

The corporation is participating with its partners in drilling the John Bowen # 2 Test Well in Tennessee tentatively to the Precambrian/Granite-Basement. The total depth of the Test Well is estimated to be between 7,000 to 9,500 feet. Our operator Montello has informed Great Northern that it is and will be testing and evaluating the various formations while it drills the Test Well under-balanced. They are using the services of an independent Geologist and Geophysicist to evaluate and analyze the logging data. The Morgan Highpoint Project is located in a part of the State of Tennessee where a limited number of deep tests have been drilled from the late 1960's through to the early 1980's.

Great Northern has recently partnered in drilling high impact oil and gas exploration prospects and is also active in the Athabasca region of the Alberta Oilsands.