Stealth and Nabors Report Successful Drilling Using New RCCD Technology

Stealth Ventures and Nabors Drilling have successfully drilled the first Reverse Circulation Center Discharge (RCCD) well using Nabors new technology (under license from Pressol Ltd). Stealth is the first operator in Canada to use this technology implementing it on their Cretaceous Colorado shale gas play in Alberta. "The Cretaceous Colorado is one of the biggest untapped unconventional gas resources in North America which, to date, has had little commercial success and has been waiting for technological breakthroughs like Nabors' RCCD underbalanced technique." says Derek Krivak Chief Operating Officer at Stealth.

Reverse Circulation Center Discharge (RCCD) drilling is a novel underbalanced drilling technology, developed by Pressol Ltd., aimed at reducing formation damage to fragile production zones. It allows improved development of under-pressured and/or water sensitive formations. Adapted for use on Nabors state-of-the-art hybrid Top Drive/Coil Tubing programmable AC electric drilling rigs, RCCD enables these rigs to match the best drilling technique to the formation to optimize drilling performance and well productivity.

"Nabors is pleased to work with an innovative company like Stealth to successfully introduce the RCCD drilling technology. Nabors believes that innovative technologies like RCCD and programmable AC electric PACE drilling rigs will be an important component in the future development in both unconventional and conventional plays," says Mike Read, VP, Product Development, Nabors Canada.

Stealth is a Calgary-based junior oil and gas company whose expertise and focus is on "unconventional" gas reserves including CBM, shale gas and tight gas sand reservoirs.

The Nabors companies own and operate almost 600-land drilling and approximately 970-land workover and well-servicing rigs worldwide. Nabors participates in most of the significant oil, gas and geothermal markets in the world.