Syclo Offers Mobile Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

Syclo, a leading developer of mobile computing solutions, announced that benefits of the recently released IBM Maximo® for Oil and Gas version 6.3 product are available to technicians in the field via the Maximo Mobile SE (Syclo Edition) product line. Mobile solutions from Syclo also work with other leading applications, including SAP®, Primavera®, and Datastream.

Syclo's mobile products are currently being used by more than 40 oil and gas companies worldwide. The technology improves technician productivity and increases asset touches that keep equipment in production. New solutions are also helping energy companies' speed refinery turnarounds. And data captured in the field by Syclo's mobile products is being integrated into multiple back-end applications, speeding management decision-making and providing accurate information for the generation of compliance reports.

Specifically, Syclo enhances IBM's new product version by enabling its full functionality to be delivered to technicians at the point of performance through the Agentry(TM) mobile platform. Extending IBM's solution to workers in the field is crucial for the petrochemical industry where technicians often find themselves working in remote locations, such as an oil field or pipeline site, miles from the operation's headquarters.

"At Syclo, we work closely with our partners to extend the reach and power of their applications through our mobile solutions built on the Agentry platform," said Richard Padula, Syclo's President and CEO. "This is a win-win situation for our joint customers, who can streamline their operations through deployment of leading-edge mobile technology, which helps them connect to the latest advancements in back-end applications such as Maximo v6.3."

Along with delivering the Maximo product functionality to field workers, Syclo also offers mobile solutions specifically built for oil and gas companies, such as operator rounds, crew reporting, e-forms, inventory tracking capabilities and integration with peripherals including GPS. The Maximo Mobile SE Work Manager and Inventory Manager products have been in use by oil and gas companies for a decade.

Syclo's SMART Schedule is the first automated assignment tool for EAM managers that automate scheduling for asset managers. It builds on some of the well-learned best practices from the field service world and applies them to the asset maintenance industry.

Recently released and used by a major oil and gas producer, Syclo's SMART Task Tracker is a product developed for intense job-tracking required to speed the completion and increase the accuracy of plant turnarounds, shutdowns and outages by eliminating excess foot traffic and delays caused by paper-driven sign-offs. SMART Task Tracker is designed to integrate into multiple back-end applications, including the EAM system, project management and compliance reporting software.

All SMART Suite products are built on the Agentry platform and are preintegrated with the leading back-end systems, including Maximo 4x, 5x and 6x. Syclo's Agentry technology is the foundation of IBM Maximo Mobile SE, a family of mobile products designed to enhance productivity for maintenance organizations.