National Hurricane Center Says Tropical Storm Dean has Formed

The National Hurricane Center says satellite images indicate that the depression forming in the Atlantic has reached tropical storm status. The center of Tropical Storm Dean is located farther to the south and west than previously indicated. Dynamical guidance suggests that Dean could near the Lesser Antilles as a hurricane with 100 to 110 knot winds in approximately five days.

Dean appears to be moving westward or 265 degrees at 20 knots around The periphery of a strong subtropical ridge which is expanding Westward. In the short term, 2 to 3 days, Dean should continue to move on a general westward track with a gradual decrease in forward speed. Thereafter, the forecast becomes highly uncertain since some reliable models maintain a strong ridge to the north and keep the cyclone moving westward across the Caribbean and others show a weaker ridge resulting in a gradual turn to the west-northwest. The Official forecast follows the consensus and is a little bit to the south of the previous one. This is due to the repositioning of the Center.