Fugro Completes Entenschnabel 3D Survey

Fugro Multi Client Services has completed the acquisition phase of its 3330 square kilometer Entenschnabel survey, covering important and under explored parts of the Danish, German and Dutch offshore.

The data was shot during April to September 2002 utilizing the vessels the M/V Ramform Viking and M/V American Explorer, towing 8 and 6 x 5100 meter streamers respectively. Continuous 3D gravity data has also been acquired in association with Fugro LCT.

The survey has been designed from the outset as a single continuous seismic dataset that ties the proven producing areas of the Central Graben with the under explored areas of parts of Germany and the Netherlands. The producing Chalk plays of Denmark are tied directly, through Germany to the Dutch B17a and Hanza discoveries.

This exciting new dataset will allow explorationists a view, previously unseen on this scale, of the regional extent of the geology and hydrocarbon potential across this area. In particular the Pliocene, Chalk, Lower Cretaceous Greensand, Middle to Upper Jurassic, Bunter Sands, Leached Zechstein dolomites, Undifferentiated Rotliegendes sandstones and Carboniferous and older formations.

The data is being processed in Oslo, with the sequence being derived from an extensive test program. The final sequence will be tailored to incorporate local and regional variations in geology and will include Parabolic radon demultiple, Detailed final velocity analysis, Bin centered DMO, Pre stack time migration, Steep dip and 3D migration.

A full set of deliverables will be available, including full offset migration and near, mid and far offset cubes. Data will be available end Q1 2003, in good time for the upcoming Danish Licensing bid round. EP prices are available until December 31, 2002.