Europa's Crosby Warren-2Y well Reaches TD

Europa Oil & Gas reports that the CW-2Y well at the Crosby Warren Oilfield, North Lincolnshire, has reached a final total depth of 1,720 meters.

The well has been logged and several sandstone intervals within the upper part of the Beacon Hills Flags Formation (BHF) are interpreted as being oil-bearing between 1640 and 1676m. In total 5m of probable pay exists in the BHF, with a possible further 3m in thin beds. CW-1 has produced over 650,000 bbls to date from approximately 7m of pay in the BHF. The CW-2Y well will be completed with a 4-1/2' liner and prepared for production. Additional potential oil pay exists in a 5 meter thick sandstone, equivalent to the Chatsworth Grit, at a depth of 1,600m which will be perforated and tested at a later date.

Paul Barrett, Managing Director, said 'Delays due to equipment problems were overcome late last week and the drilling completed successfully. We now look forward to obtaining production from this well and will report on how the well performs in due course.'