Pertra Establishes Exploration Office in North Norway

As part of a strategic investment in the Barents Sea, Pertra is currently in the process of establishing an exploration office in Harstad. The goal is to have a staff of minimum six people in place in the North Norwegian oil community within a relatively short time span.

The Geologist Stig Vassmyr (47), a previous Statoil employee, has been recruited as Manager of Pertra's exploration activities in Harstad. In addition, one Geologist and one Geophysicist, both with extensive experience from the Barents Sea, have been employed thus far. As the Harstad office will be in charge of all exploration activities in the Barents Sea, the staff will continue to increase in accordance with the responsibilities undertaken by Pertra in this area.

Pertra is one of the major operating companies on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The company is focused on exploration and development of small and medium-sized oil and gas fields. The decision to participate actively also in the Barents Sea will render Pertra a complete Norwegian operating company, with activities in all regions on the Norwegian Shelf.

"We are very pleased to have succeeded in recruiting co-workers with such extensive knowledge of the Barents Sea. This leaves us well prepared for the 20th Licensing Round, where Pertra aims to apply for operatorships also in the Barents Sea. Even though the major part of Pertra's exploration and development activities will continue to focus on the mature regions of the North Sea and Norwegian Sea, the Barents Sea represents a very interesting business opportunity. Exploration in this area will prove more demanding, but the potential is also considerable. The establishment in Harstad enables us to benefit from the oil cluster with the most extensive experience from the Barents Sea", states CEO of Pertra, Erik Haugane.