FX Reports Record Production Levels

FX Energy reported that total oil and gas production for the Company has again reached record levels.

Company-wide production for the second quarter of 2007 was 593 Mmcfe, up some 291 percent compared to the 2006 second quarter. This is the third consecutive record quarterly production figure for FX. Production for the first six months of 2007 was 1,193 Mmcfe, more than triple that of the 2006 period. This result, too, is a new record for any six month period for the Company.

The Company's new production in Poland has been the driving force behind the gains. The Company has added two significant, new, discovery wells to its Polish production base over the last nine months. For the first half of 2007, the Company's Polish oil and gas production was 980 Mmcfe, a new record for the Company and a significant increase compared to 71 Mmcfe produced in the first half of 2006. Second quarter production was 486 Mmcfe, also a record and a significant increase compared to 35 Mmcfe from Poland in the second quarter of 2006.

The Company's Polish production in 2006 came from a single legacy gas well in which FX Energy owns 49% interest. Two new wells, Zaniemysl and Wilga, came on line in late 2006 and together account for the record production. FX Energy holds 49% and 82% interest, respectively, in the two new wells. Three more wells in the Company's core area in western Poland, all owned 49% by the Company, have been completed as new discoveries. These wells, too, will be added to the Company's production base, following negotiation of gas sales agreements and construction of production facilities.

"We reached a very important milestone last fall when the Wilga and Zaniemysl wells started producing," said David Pierce, president, "because production is the ultimate proof of successful exploration. Beyond the mere fact of production is the high rate of production, which underscores why we are focused on conventional fields in Poland. The Zaniemysl well is currently producing 10 Mmcf per day. This is particularly gratifying because it serves as the model for our focused 3-D seismic and drilling program in our core Fences concession. The size of these reservoirs and their demonstrated high production rates has encouraged us to expand our exploration and development efforts at Fences and elsewhere in western Poland."

Comparing the first two sequential quarters of 2007, gas production in Poland during the second quarter of 2007 increased slightly from the first quarter of 2007, 451 Mmcf vs. 449 Mmcf. Oil production in Poland was down to 5,867 barrels from 7,487 barrels, due in part to the Wilga well being offline for two weeks of testing in June.

Second quarter production statistics:

                                2007                          2006

                       Gas       Oil                  Gas      Oil
                      (Mcf)   (Barrels)    Mcfe*     (Mcf)  (Barrels)    Mcfe*
     Poland          451,065    5,867    486,267     35,140        -    35,140
     United States         -   17,860    107,160          -   19,421   116,526
     Total           451,065   23,727    593,427     35,140   19,421   151,666

    First half production statistics:

                                2007                         2006

                       Gas       Oil                   Gas      Oil
                      (Mcf)    (Bbls)     Mcfe*       (Mcf)   (Bbls)    Mcfe*
     Poland          900,076   13,354    980,200     70,990        -    70,990
     United States         -   35,534    213,204          -   37,914   227,484
     Total           900,076   48,888  1,193,404     70,990   37,914   298,474

    Note: Oil converted to gas a 6 to 1.