Dover Petroleum Reports 6 Wells Drilled in Wyoming

Dover Petroleum reported that its wholly owned subsidiary, Slaterdome, Inc., and its exploration and development partners have set production casings in six wells as part of its summer drilling production at the Slater Dome Field in Wyoming. Gross production at the Slater Dome Field averaged better than 800 Mcf of natural gas per day during July, compared to 250 Mcf per day in previous months.

"The results of the 2007 drilling program have been very encouraging, including drilling wells 1.50 miles from the existing Slater Dome production, which gives us a much larger developmental area," said Robert Salna, Dover Petroleum CEO. "Production levels will increase further as the new wells that are drilled are connected to the pipeline."

Slaterdome's ownership amounts to a net working and operating rights interest of approximately 33.33% in the Slater Dome Area.

In its project in Egypt, Dover Petroleum said that the EWA-4Xwell is progressing as planned. The well is an onshore well location and is being deviated to test the offshore Raha formation and a large light oil target in the Nubian Sandstone reservoir in the Gulf of Suez, which forms the significant reservoir in several major oilfields. The well spudded 11th July and is currently drilling at 2,200 feet at an angle of 41º. The current drilling anticipates that 13 3/8" casing will be set in the next few days and then Dover will continue drilling the well which will deviate up to an angle of 65º from the vertical. Dover anticipates that the well will reach target depth which is expected to be below 7,100 ft (drilled depth) or 4,180 ft vertical depth in about 20 days time.