Zentech, Inc., was contracted by TEXACO in October 1999, on behalf of TRINMAR Ltd., to prepare a feasibility study for abandonment and removal of the Block Station 25 in the SW Soldado field, off Point Fortin, Trinidad. Block Station 25 is a converted DeLong jack-up barge. The mean water depth in the area is 71 feet. The hull rests on 8 legs and 8 piles. The jacking system has been disabled and removed from the unit. The unit is over 30 years old. Zentech's study included potential abandonment and removal procedure of the hull, legs, and piles. This included all engineering aspects of transferring the hull to a suitable barge, as well as suggested costs and removal procedures. Based on this report, TRINMAR has awarded Zentech additional work, including:

-Preparation of bid documents including scope of work and specifications
-Preparation of list of recommended contractors
-Preparation of tender estimate
-Bid evaluation and recommendations
-Supervision and management of contract execution

Zentech is a consulting engineering company with headquarters in Houston, Texas. Other offices are located in India, England, Belgium, and Brazil. Zentech's expertise includes design engineering for new build and vessel modification projects as well as on-site construction supervision. This expertise is applied to drilling, crane, derrick, pipe-lay, accommodation, and mobile production vessels as well as fixed offshore facilities. Having experience with a broad range of clients and offshore projects enables Zentech to rapidly achieve technical solutions that improve the productivity and economics of its clients' floating and fixed projects whether upgrades, conversions, or new build. In addition to its core consulting engineering business, Zentech's software division develops and markets StruCAD*3D, StabCAD, FlexRiser-F-4PC, Pipeline, Neptune, ZenMoor, Zenpipe, and LoStab. These products are used throughout the world by oil, consulting, and contracting companies in addition to governmental and regulatory agencies. For further information or inquiries please contact Zentech, Inc., 8582 Katy Freeway, Suite 205, Houston 77024, Telephone: 713-984-9171, Fax: 713-984-9175, or through their web site: www.zentech-usa.com