Gazprom to Reduce Gas Shipments to Belarus

In pursuance of the Contact on the volumes and terms of gas supply to Belarus and transit via the territory of the Republic of Belarus for 2007 through 2011, Gazprom sent an official notification to Vladimir Mayorov, Director General of Beltransgaz on a decrease of gas supply to the Belarusian consumers due to the default on payment commitments for the gas delivered in the first half of 2007 and due to the absence of any payment guarantees.

A daily gas supply volume to Belarus as per Contract will be reduced by 45 per cent proportionally to the actual payment amount starting from 10.00 am, August 3. Under the Contract Beltransgaz shall provide uninterrupted Russian gas transit via the territory of the Republic to third countries.

Gazprom export also sent a notification to foreign consumers of natural gas on a reduction of natural gas supply to Belarus. Gazprom will take all possible measures to transport Russian gas via the Republic of Belarus in full compliance with the existing obligations to European consumers.