Thales GeoSolutions Launches New Generation ROV

Thales GeoSolutions has launched a new generation of remotely operated vehicle specifically designed to address the multiple demands of the sub-sea market from high-end survey work to drill rig support. Also ideal for inspection, repair and maintenance, the first in this new range of vehicle is the Thales G3 - a 125hp, 3000m depth rated, work class ROV capable of 750kg bollard pull and a forward speed in excess of 3.5knots.

The G3 provides a reliable and robust working platform, capable of carrying a payload in excess of 200kg and accommodating 12 color cameras and up to 15 survey sensors, fitted to a standard vehicle without modification. The G3 incorporates all of the enhanced features of previous generations of Thales deepwater ROV, its upgraded mechanical and hydraulic design making the new vehicle more hydrodynamic and mechanically robust.

The new ROV and its Tether Management System (TMS) offer greater data integrity over long distances having been designed to use single mode fiber optics. The G3 is optimised for deepwater and large excursion operations as its advanced side entry TMS allows coverage of a large area of seabed from one dive with a minimum of launch vessel maneuvering.

The G3's availability for work is extended using the Thales specified 10 Te SWL launch and recovery system (LARS), capable of withstanding forces up to 3G and operating in conditions up to sea state six. Depending on prevailing weather and operational configuration of the ROV, the LARS can often work in conditions subjected to forces of up to 4G.

The G3's associated control van has ample space for clients to review the mission status, having been completely redesigned to provide a robust control system and state-of-the-art 3000V power system. The G3 incorporates a new pilot control station and control system using industry standard third party components for the video, overlay, switching and PC based SCADA condition monitoring systems. The control van's embedded wiring system reduces the possibility of accidental damage causing faults and safety problems.

Although the G3 represents a new generation of Thales ROV, many of the enhancements incorporated in it are also being retrofitted to the existing fleet of vehicles during routine maintenance to improve Thales GeoSolution's ROV and Construction Services overall industry capability, underlining the company's very competitive position in the market place.