Halliburton & Petrobras Set New Ultra Deepwater Record

Halliburton Energy Services recently set a new ultra deepwater record for a well test while completing a drillstem test for Petrobras using the SeaLink Subsurface Electro Hydraulic System in 2,741 meters (8,993 feet) of water. The record was set by Halliburton's Well Testing product service line.

Halliburton's well testing technologies were aligned with the challenges faced by Petrobras in ultra deepwater oil and gas wells, including:

  • Halliburton's SeaLink Actuator Module. The system is designed to shut in, close downhole safety valves, and unlatch from the wellhead in less than 10 seconds in water depths up to 10,000 feet. No other ocean floor testing package has this exceptionally fast capability.
  • Halliburton's suite of downhole test tools, which offer unlimited cycle capability for flow control and safety.
  • Halliburton's Collaborative Well Testing Service, which utilizes the Insite™ data management system and SCAN III Data Acquisition System to provide real time data and information to the entire asset team.
  • Halliburton's Surface Test Equipment, to obtain production data; and
  • Sea Emerald Burner, the innovative 99.99 percent clean burning tool that was used to burn off the produced effluents.

"This is the latest in a coordinated effort by Petrobras and Halliburton to push the limits of ultra deepwater well testing," said Gary Godwin, division vice president, Halliburton's Tools, Testing and TCP product service line. "Halliburton is committed to being the number one deepwater solutions provider in the industry and we are proud to have a key role in this milestone operation for Petrobras. It is important to Halliburton and our customers to be able to thoroughly evaluate reservoirs, safely and efficiently, in ultra deep water."