Kriti Exploration Successfully Tests Lake Long Well

A successful test has been conducted in the Middle Hollywood Sand interval of the SL 328 #9 well at Lake Long Field in Louisiana.

Restricted testing averaged 2.36 million cubic feet of gas and 55 barrels of condensate per day with no water at 4,584 psi flowing pressure on 10/64" choke.

Kriti Exploration says the well will be placed on line at approximately 4 million cubic feet of gas and 100 barrels of condensate per day once a small production platform is built around the well head, and well equipment and flow lines to the Operator's nearby gas processing plant have been installed. This activity is scheduled for completion during August 2007.

The Upper Hollywood Sands (where 13 feet of additional net pay has been logged) will be produced at a later date.

Interests in the well are also held by First Australian Resources, Kriti Exploration Inc and ASX listed entities Amadeus Energy Limited and Sun Resources NL.