Nordic to Drill New Basal Belly River Well

Nordic Oil and Gas has drilled its 11th well, and it believes the second to encounter gas, in the Basal Belly River zone in Joffre, Alberta, Canada.

Both the gas detector and the open hole well logs indicate the presence of gas in the Edmonton Group (Coal Bed Methane), the middle to upper Belly River zone and, most importantly, in the Basal Belly River zone.

"Our other Basal Belly River well in the area, the 3-18-38-24 W4, produced at a level of 900,000-to-1 million cubic meters per day between October and December 2004," stated Donald Benson, Chairman & CEO.

Nordic plans to perforate the new well over the next few days. The cost to drill and case the well was significantly less than previous wells the Corporation has drilled in the area.