Signal International Achieves One-Million Safe Man-Hours

Signal International recently achieved over one-million man-hours without a US Department of Labor OSHA recordable incident. This remarkable safety performance follows the announcement of the Shipbuilder's Council of America (SCA) 2006 safety awards. For the fourth consecutive year, Signal International has been a recipient of the Excellence in Safety award with one of the lowest total recordable incidence rates in the industry.

This historic milestone was achieved on July 22, 2007. Dick Marler, Signal International's CEO commended Ron Schnoor, Senior Vice President and General Manager of its' Mississippi operations for personally developing the policies and procedures necessary to insure a safe working environment. According to Marler, "Ron is committed to the resolute execution of our safe working plan, which benefits our employee's and customer's alike. Working with Pat Killeen, Signal's Corporate Director of Safety, Schnoor has been the driving force behind crafting Signal's exemplary safety program."

A shipyard is a busy place where several thousand employees are involved in a variety of operations taking place all at the same time. From heavy fabrication, to welding, sandblasting, or installation of sophisticated instrumentation and inspection; the yard is busy with activity. The Mississippi facilities have logged 1,070,232 man-hours without a recordable incident since April 27, 2007. Since January 2007, the entire operation has worked 2,785,370 man-hours, and has a total recordable incident rate of 0.21. This is approximately 3% of the industry incident rate. The 2006 average for the shipyards associated w/the Shipbuilders Council of America (SCA) is in the range of 7 – 7.5.

Ron Schnoor credited the organization's customer base for their support in guiding Signal's safety success. He commends his safety management personnel for their leadership and commitment and most importantly, the nearly 2000 Signal employees for their constant adherence to our safety procedures. "I applaud our people for the jobs they do and their constant dedication regarding our safety procedures," Schnoor said. "They've proven to themselves that they can work productively, performing high quality work without incident. We are extremely proud of this achievement."

Signal International, LLC, is one of the largest marine and fabrication companies in the Gulf of Mexico providing repair, upgrade, new construction and fabrication services to the offshore and marine industry. Headquartered in Pascagoula, Mississippi, Signal currently employees over 2,500 workers in its six production facilities; two in Mississippi and four in Texas.