GGS-Spectrum Appoints New Head of Multi-Client Services

GGS-Spectrum has appointed Charles Harmer as Head of GGS-Spectrum Multi-Client (UK).

Charles will be responsible for the business development team who actively seek and generate new projects for GGS-Spectrum, in particular around the recently merged GGS-Spectrum data library and also for the Oslo-based Geology and Geophysics team.

Charles has more than 21 years experience in the seismic industry and has considerable experience negotiating and closing high-value international contracts.

David Rowlands, Director and General Manager of GGS-Spectrum UK commented:

"The appointment of Charles is part of the GGS-Spectrum ongoing strategy to significantly expand our global data library and become one of the key players in providing multi-client seismic data.

In order to find new projects and to make our library available to a wider global audience we need experienced and dynamic people. Charles brings these qualities to GGS-Spectrum and has already had a significant impact particularly with our aim of adding new projects to expand the GGS-Spectrum Multi Client Library."