Indo-Pacific's Kahili Sidetrack Well Successful

Logging of the Kahili sidetrack (onshore Taranaki) indicates a potential hydrocarbon column of at least 35 meters. The Kahili well is located onshore Taranaki Basin, New Zealand approximately 12 kilometers south of the McKee Oil Field and 17 kilometers north of the Waihapa Oil Field.

Company chief executive Dave Bennett said the deviated sidetrack well had encountered some good quality Tariki sandstones at the top of the formation, around the 2817m mark, and other sands further down towards the 3,028 meter target depth.

A sidewall coring program has been completed and preparations are underway to commence flow testing of up to three zones within the lower, middle and uppermost parts of the 210 metres of Tariki reservoir section, commencing with the lowermost zone.

Testing will be carried out over the next two weeks, with the first test anticipated to commence this weekend.

Indo-Pacific is operator of the project, and holds a 45% equity in the well and the permit; with Australian companies Tap Oil Limited and Claire Energy Pty Ltd earning 30% and 25% respectively.