Questerre Energy: Second Shale Gas Well Drilled Successfully

Questerre Energy says that the operator of the St. Louis de Richelieu well reported that the well was drilled on time and on AFE with positive results.

The St. Lawrence Lowlands, Quebec well was spud on June 23rd and total depth of 1,760 meters was reached on July 13th at the Trenton Black River formation. Cores were retrieved from the Utica Shale formation and sent for analysis. Logging was also completed and the Utica Shale formation thickness was 220 meters with excellent gas shows throughout.

The well has been plugged back to the intermediate casing and suspended pending further work that the operator expects will be undertaken shortly.

Questerre Energy Corporation is a Calgary-based independent resource company actively engaged in the exploration, development and acquisition of high-impact exploration and development oil and gas projects in Canada.