Shell to Halt Nigerian Gas Flaring by 2008

The Nigerian government has given a deadline of 2008 for all gas flaring to end in the country. Shell, the largest oil producer in the country, has budgeted $8 billion to end all gas flaring in Nigeria. The country currently has 25 projects in operation to gather and distribute gas in the country. A Shell spokesman said that a commercial framework agreement is needed to encourage all operators to invest in the development of gas gathering, transmission and distribution projects, especially for the sale of gas to the domestic market.

Gas flaring is the burning-off of excess gas produced during oil pumping operations. Shell and BP joined a World Bank-backed plan in August to cut the more than 100 billion cubic meters of gas flared each year that contribute to greenhouse-gas emissions. The program is designed to promote the world demand for gas, technical aid to develop domestic markets in gas-producing nations, and use by households.