Western Pipeline Brings Catt #1 Discovery Online

Western Pipeline Corporation's Catt #1 oil discovery began producing on March 16, 2007 at a rate of 35 barrels of oil per day along with small amounts of natural gas. This well revealed a pay zone of approximately 14 feet in total.

Catt #1 is part of the 2006-1 project. This project covers several formations in the project area. Oil and natural gas are produced from channel and offshore bar sands, bio-calcarenites, and oolite shoals. Reef and dolomitic vugular porosity may also hold petroleum reserves located in Gibson County, Indiana.

According to Bob Jent, Western Pipeline's CEO, "The successful completion of the Catt #1 well will lead to several additional Hardinsburg completions in the field."

Western Pipeline Corporation (WPC) is a successful, private independent producer of oil and natural gas. The company specializes in identifying, acquiring and developing existing, producing reserves on behalf of its individual clients. Since its incorporation in June of 2000, WPC has been involved in oil and gas exploration in five states including six multi-well projects in the Illinois Basin.