Trico USA Accepts the Right to Organize for Their Workers

The employees at Trico USA will now have the right to organize after NOPEF and Trico Norway signed a consent decree in the court of South Sunnmore (the local court in Volda, Norway on Thursday, November 7, 2002. It was Trico who took the initiative on Wednesday afternoon. NOPEF found that they would accept an agreement as the proposal gave greater concessions from Trico's side than what NOPEF had originally demanded.

In the agreement, Trico has obligated themselves to send a letter to every one of the employees ensuring that the company accepts the right to organize and the company declares that there shall be no discrimination or harassment of pro-union workers.

In the agreement NOPEF express that the union in the future will not put into once a boycott against for the same reasons as the now ended boycott action. It says that if Trico seriously violates the agreement NOPEF can suspend this agreement. Though if Trico violates real freedom of association, NOPEF is free from these obligations mentioned.

"I hope that this will show to be a positive contribution to the Trico workers struggle to achieve unionization," says the president of NOPEF Leif Sande. "NOPEF will carefully follow up their obligations in practice."

"If Trico in the future will not end their union busting campaign, they risk that we restart our boycott," says Leif Sande.

International Secretary Jarle Vines points out that this case shows that international solidarity in the trade union movement can bear fruit. NOPEF will continue the solidarity with American unions which has given us important experiences which we will have profit from in the future.

Captain Michael Cheramie who works at Trico USA and who came to Norway as a witness in this trial, says that he is looking forward to work with Trico USA CEO Thomas Fairley, with a just process that covers union organizing in Trico." "Now the workers in Trico has got a fair chance to organize without being afraid for their jobs," he says.

The leader of OMU Offshore Mariners United in Houma, Wayne Savoie points out that this end of the case was a great victory for the Trico workers. "This is the first time that a union has negotiated with Trico USA, and OMU looks forward to follow this up."