Gulf Western to Bring Sixth Brushy Creek Well Onstream

Gulf Western Petroleum announced that the Williams # 6, the sixth well drilled in the Lavaca County Texas Brushy Creek Project, has been drilled; casing has been set to a depth of 3823 ft; and the well is currently awaiting completion, testing and hook up to the sales line. The Williams # 6 Gas Unit is part of the Brushy Creek VI Natural Gas Project in Lavaca County, Texas. The Williams # 6 natural gas well will be produced from a strong peak over trough seismic event at an approximate depth of 2800 feet that compares very favorably to production in and around the Williams area.

The Brushy Creek VI Project is a three well prospect generated by utilizing newly acquired 3D seismic data. Each of the three new wells will test amplitude anomalies with strong trough over peak 3D seismic expressions.

Sam Nastat, Gulf Western President and Director stated, "We are very pleased with the results of our Frio drilling program in Lavaca County and Dewitt County Texas. We have, to date, successfully drilled six out of six Frio wells as part of our thirteen well Shamrock and Brushy Creek Projects. The Williams # 6 is the third successful well in our Brushy Creek Project and the sixth successful well in our South Texas Frio drilling program. With a break in the weather, we believe that our Williams # 6 well, our Pope # 1 well and our O'Neal Smith # 1 well will be tested and on line within 45 days."