BC and Saskatchewan Well Files now Available with IHS RapiData

IHS Inc. has released the complete online well file document library for British Columbia and Saskatchewan in its IHS RapiData dataset. Historically, these public well reports for both provinces have only been available through government offices in hardcopy format. IHS has converted these hardcopy documents into an image database, which allows IHS customers who subscribe to the service to instantly access all of the government information online, and quickly begin to analyze the information.

For the first time, users have the entire history of all non-confidential wells from the Oil & Gas Commission of British Columbia and the Saskatchewan Industry and Resources Records.

For wells in British Columbia, the IHS RapiData database contains all non-confidential British Columbia public well files delivered in seven categories: correspondence, test data, completion data, drilling data, drilling tour sheets, DST data and pressure surveys. In Saskatchewan, the IHS RapiData database contains all non-confidential Saskatchewan public well files delivered in four categories: pressure surveys, DST data, and well and completion records. The customers for both document libraries include geologists, reservoir, exploitation and drilling engineers, and well test analysts.

"In the past, access to well reports and documents by geoscientists, technologists and other users has been limited, resulting in significant increased expense and lost productivity traveling out of province. Files were stored in different locations, and in many cases, different file formats," says Brian Hall, vice president of Data Development of IHS in Canada. "IHS RapiData takes all of that information, converts it to images and indexes it, making this information publicly available through one source and virtually eliminating all of the historical access barriers. Our customers now have instantaneous access to imaged well data and reports from their desktop."

Both Well Files are available through subscription with British Columbia accessed through the IHS website, IHS AccuMap and IHS Enerdeq Desktop. The Saskatchewan well file is currently available through the IHS website and will be available within IHS AccuMap in a forthcoming release.

"The ease of use in which you are able to access the well file document library information for British Columbia and Saskatchewan with the imaged database is something that ConocoPhillips Canada sees real value in," says Michael Dragonetti, well test analyst at ConocoPhillips. "We can access specific information virtually instantaneously, shortening and improving our workflows."

IHS acquired RapiData on March 1, 2007. The IHS RapiData dataset is the most complete source of well test and pressure history data for Western Canada. The Energy segment of IHS provides integrated exploration and production information, software, consulting services and industry insight to oil and gas companies worldwide.