FracHammer Technology Stimulates Wells

Frac Source Inc.'s first commercial field trials of the FracHammer(TM) "shock" fracturing technology proves successful. The FracHammer(TM) was conceived, designed, manufactured and now tested by Frac Source personnel over the past twelve months. This technology is intended to improve the dry nitrogen stimulation of coal bed methane and other unconventional gas plays by "shocking" the formation with a near well bore instantaneous pressure application higher than the typical fracture gradient. The technology can be installed into a standard selective fracturing assembly string.

In July 2007, Frac Source completed two multi-zone coal bed methane wells using the FracHammer(TM) for ConocoPhillips. The FracHammer(TM) was fired across thirteen zones in the first well and fifteen zones in the second well.

Initial analysis of the surface and downhole pressure data shows that the technology produces a shock type stimulation of each zone. Production data is not yet known; however, the two wells are producing and have been tied into production. In addition, the use of the FracHammer(TM) reduced the volume of nitrogen typically required.

Larry Armstrong, Frac Source's President and CEO, stated, "We are excited to offer this new technology to all our current and future clients as an alternative to standard dry nitrogen fracturing."

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