Marlow Ropes Supplies First Polyester Mooring System in GOM

Marlow Ropes has been awarded the contract to design and supply polyester mooring ropes for BP's 'Mad Dog' truss Spar. This is the first use of polyester ropes for a Spar based floating production system (FPS) and a first for a permanent mooring system in the Gulf of Mexico. The milestone contract is another world record for Marlow Ropes who have pioneered the manufacture of synthetic deepwater tethers.

The 'Mad Dog' Spar, moored in 4,420ft water depth with an 11 line taut leg system, will employ Marlow Superline polyester ropes. With a design minimum spliced breaking strength of 4260 kips (1932 tons), these polyester ropes will have the highest strength ever produced for deepwater mooring. The major rope segments, together with spares and test insert pieces, total nearly 84,000ft and will be delivered into the Gulf of Mexico by October 2003.